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SudoKoach makes solving Sudoku puzzles more fun. It does the tedious work for you, so you can concentrate directly on finding the solution. SudoKoach generates puzzles with six different levels of difficulty, so you don't have to wait for tomorrow's newspaper to start solving. You can also enter puzzles from the newspaper, and SudoKoach will help you solve them too, and you can print puzzles to solve later or to give to friends. SudoKoach doesn't solve the puzzle for you, it simply figures out which numbers are possible in each unsolved cell. This task is neither difficult nor challenging--if you've solved Sudoku puzzles before, you know that it is boring, time-consuming, and error-prone, but absolutely necessary. With SudoKoach, you don't need to waste your effort on this step. Instead, you can immediately get to the fun part of solving Sudoku puzzles: looking for the relationships among cells that indicate solutions. SudoKoach also provides tools to help you solve puzzles. You can highlight all unsolved cells in which a particular value is possible. This makes it easier to spot 'hidden singles' (groups in which a value is possible in only one cell), pairs, and so forth. And the practice mode helps you learn solving strategies by generating puzzles that exercise the specific strategy you want to learn. If you get stuck, SudoKoach can give you three levels of hints. A little hint tells you what to look for (e.g. naked single, hidden single, box/line elimination, etc.), but doesn't give any details on the value or where to look. A medium hint tells you what to look for and what value is involved (e.g. a hidden single with the value 7). And a big hint shows you exactly where the next move is, and explains the logic behind the move. These explanations help you learn the more advanced Sudoku solving strategies, so you can become a better player. Why not download SudoKoach and try it out? It is a lot more fun to use than it is to read about!

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